truth be told

"Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you." Jeremiah 31:3 (NKJ)

Thursday, June 30, 2005

risking the wilderness - what does that mean?

The wilderness - I never thought I was much of an extreme outdoorsie-type person but I actually really liked it! I am constantly awed by the beauty of God, the beauty He creates! My friends (beck, bon and rachelle) and I were 2 hours into the BUSH from Kenora. We went out to visit Rachelle's awesome hubby, Matt, and our rockin' friend Tenniel! There were bushes, a few tree planters, some psycho logging trucks, huge TREES, bugs galore, a black bear, a moose, a coyote, deer, open skies, and fresh breezes. it was incredible. simple.

i love my friends like crazy! We are such a diverse group of women with our own strengths, weaknesses and giftings but we're all craving God and loving each other at the same time! thank you Jesus for them!

Jesus, you are there in the physical wilderness' of life and in the spiritual wilderness' of our journies - Thank you.

I'm fighting for clarity and answers. (and it's not specifically about direction, about WHERE - finally!) It's a good but difficult struggle that I can only bring to God Himself. People have their own perspectives but I want God's answer. This is scary-exciting. Isn't it ironic...during some seasons of life you feel like you know so much about God and then the season changes and your back being completely dumbfounded by Him!!?!! I feel like I'm new at this. I'm treading on topics and heart issues that I've dared not tread on before. Risk...

June is over. Hello July!
Happy bday Canada!

Friday, June 24, 2005

floatings and going-ons...

This weekend is a busy one!

Tonight I am delighted to have the privilege of going to the Olive Garden (yum) with my friends Kristi (sis), Alvina and Bonnie. I took my Christlikeness course with these awesome women and we're celebrating our graduation! I'm stoked! Good food and even better company!

Here's some things I got while trying to catch up on my readings for this course:

I want to be known for my strength of character and love. Our last section is on Unity and he was discussing submission. Jesus' life is the epitome of submission. Submission first to God but also submission to those in authority. Not submission that conforms your character to that persons character but submission that respects their authority and makes you more like Christ.

Jesus was not afraid to submit to people in authority because he was confident that God's greater authority would transform any injustice into justice. God is that good!

This weekend I'm going to Kenora (area) with my beautiful girlfriends Rachelle, Becki and Bonnie! We're going to visit Rachelle's hubby Matt while he's tree planting in the middle of no-mans-land. It's going to be PRIME PRAYING time! We're heading out into the middle of the bush while the planters are working and praying like crazy in the wilderness! Jesus, would you bless and protect everyone this weekend! Keep us safe, uneaten from mosquito's and help us to be living examples of your righteousness and love!

Monday I get back and head straight to Christina's to get ready for Matt and Jac's WEDDING!! Wooo whoo! Congrats guys! it's going to be a partay!

Tuesday I have a day off. Thank you Jesus!

Jesus, bless all of the Ethiopians living in Winnipeg. Would you protect all of those in Ethiopia. Bring your peace and your love. There was just an Ethiopian parade down Portage Avenue with signs saying "stop the massacre" and so on. There's a political uproar.

speaking of upROAR why do women all of a sudden think it's okay to walk around half naked!?!?! At the beach is one thing, but wearing nothing more than underwear on the bus makes me a little....ANGRY! We don't need to see that!

I'm done now. Have a great weekend all!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

my destiny is eternity in love

~And I will lead her into the garden I have prepared. My wedding gift for my Bride. Here we will begin eternity together. I will speak tenderly to her. I will embrace her. And she will be Mine.~

God has been speaking to me a lot about marriage lately. Don't worry, no wedding for me...yet. Ever since I've learned about the Bridal Paradigm I've been so intrigued by the way God loves. The way He romances. The way He calls. It's beautiful!

Today I went to my friends Valeriana and Karis' wedding. It was gorgeous! Valeriana is the most gracious, graceful and elegant woman I know. The way she moves, the way she talks and her posture all scream womanly and feminine! I was completely awestruck by their reaction to one another. Karis started crying as soon as he saw his Bride walking towards him. He seemed so overwhelmed by emotion that he didn't even know what to feel: Love, joy, peace, contentment, excitement, LOVE, beauty...

I wonder what Jesus feels when we take a step towards Him? With each step taken down the isle that draws us closer and closer to Him? What is He feeling? The Author of creation, the Maker of emotions, the Perfector of love...what does He feel when we glance in His direction. When we lock gazes?

I want more of that. I want to lock gazes and walk towards Him, my Bridegroom. I want a smile of all emotions to spread across my face and melt into his embrace! And the greatest part, that IS MY DESTINY! Marriage to the Lamb!

Why are so many marriages failing these days? Why is it so common to have divorced parents or to live in common-law relationships? Because the devil is scared spitless of marriage! If our destiny is marriage, the enemy must cringe and run in fear at every vow spoken by two lovers in a God-ordained ceremony!

Friday, June 17, 2005

A flash of radiant brilliance

A glimpse of your brilliance takes my breath away. Multi-dimensions of colours and hues. A realm known and unknown. Cascading purity glides down their wings like that of a dove. Pure and Spotless. Integrity, Holiness and Righteousness abounds.
There is a battle and these beautiful creatures are fighting. They are confident. Blameless. Strong. A flash of radiant brilliance and then all is gone. But gone 'tis not.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

feels like it's been forever...

...rain drops keep falling on my head....

A day in the life of....
You know that feeling that life's racing by you and your completely aware that it's rushing past but your head is in the clouds and your humming a tune... I feel that way. It seems like a season of transition. Going from what used to be to what will be and it's all happening so fast that I'm just holding on for the ride!

I am looking at a basement "suite" tonight.
God is good and He provides! I have some friends who want to move into my apartment so I'll still have connections to Mar Kie Plaza. If they start feeling weirdness God and I will have to go in and chase out more demons. I have a heart for that place, my landlords and the people who live there.

It's funny (hee hee, not) how I've been so discontent with lack of direction and then revelation hits and His peace comes! I realize that I've got so much more to learn here. Beware - I'm ready to suck you all dry (In a good way, that is!) and learn as much about God, prayer, worship, community, serving and living a life of consecration until God says YES and until He says GO. I'm really excited for this next season in Winnipeg! (that includes SUMMER!)

I sang at church on Sunday night at Encounter God! This was my second time singing at church and into a mic! I'm not confident in my singing skills but there's something about being in a place of worship, with people you trust, and belting words of praise and honour! I love it! Kristi, my sister, it was awesome singing with you! I agree with Joel, you sing natural harmony! (you're a natural harmonist) What a freeing feeling!

What else is new? God is doing some good things! That's not really new, though. He's always doing good things! I'm super-fantastically stoked about praying and fasting on Tuesday's! GOD COME TO OUR GENERATION IN WINNIPEG!! I could go on and on...

Monday, June 06, 2005

Home Sweet Home!

I'm back! It was a short little business trip to T.O. and it's good to be home!

We (all the Winnipeg Hearing Centres admin) arrived in Toronto on Thursday night and headed to the Radisson Hotel. The next morning we headed off to the Starkey manufacturing plant in Mississauga. There we spent the day learning, listening, trying not to fall asleep (we were all tired), and eating.

That night Starkey (two reps) picked us up from our hotel in an incredible limo bus (it was like a limo but with a twist of bus added to it :) and took us down to Niagara Falls. It was gorgeous! We then headed up to an incredible (and massively expensive) restaurant called Noir 17.

We were wined and dined and got to finish off the evening with fireworks, literally. The entire time I was feeling so blessed and amazed at God's favor! During supper I was sitting beside one of the reps and, after having a few too many drinks, she started asking me about God. I've found this is quite common for drunk people but I was so happy to share the love of Jesus with her anyway!

Saturday was spent at the Vaughan Mills Mall and at Canada's Wonderland experiencing my first rush of hatred and excitement towards roller coasters. There were some good laughs to be had! We headed back to the airport via the limo bus and caught our plane back home!

Joel was awesomely kind and picked me up at the airport! THANK YOU JOEL! Since then it's been a busy frenzy of life in Winnipeg. I feel like I haven't had time to breathe.

Last night was WCV's first Celebration service in a few years. It was awesome! I remember those from the days on Burrow's. After, we hit up Earl's for Jason's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!) I so enjoyed celebrating with you guys!

What I learned the most over this weekend is that I want to be more and more grounded and rooted in God's love and truth. I looked back on last years trip (Feb 2004) and was astounded with where God has taken me over the past year! It's incredible! I'm so much more firmly set in my worth as a child of God. I'm also so much more in love with my Savior. The more I know God the more I love him!

Thanks for all your prayers, guys! It's good to be HOME!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Off to T.O. I go!!!


I'm heading off to Toronto today for a fun time of business and pleasure. My work is taking all of the admin to Mississauga for a one day seminar on hearing aids and working with the hearing impaired (or something like that ; )

After the session on Friday we have the pleasure of going to Niagra Falls for some sight seeing, shopping and eating. I've never been there before and I'm pumped!!!

Saturday is ours for the taking. I'll believe that Canada's Wonderland is on tap for the day unless it rains - then we're going shopping. Or something.

Please pray for protection, good times and laughter! Also, that my actions and words would be an example of God's love! Take care, have a super-fantastic weekend and we'll see ya'll on Sunday! (or some of yee)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

dad's and daughters

I think it is the desire of every daughter to be her father's pride and joy. For him to be proud of her, delight in her and proclaim her beauty and goodness. Fathers, don't be afraid to love your daughters!!!

My dad called me last night! He doesn't call me very often (if he does I don't know about it because he rarely leaves a message) and I was happy to hear his voice on the other end. We talked about some normal things: "how's life?" "how's work" "what are you doing this weekend" etc.

Then he told me he found me a husband. BLAH! Gulp. What? This is not something my dad would usually say! He always tells me that I don't need a man. I laughed so hard and pelted him with the questions who, what, where, when, how and why?!?

This guy spoke at my dad's church on Sunday about working with YWAM in Colorado. (He's originally from around here. I went to high school with him, actually.) Disclaimer: I'm not interested in being set up with him at all. I am interested in why my dad would put two and two together.

I asked my dad why we would make a good couple. Here's the kicker - this made my day - "Because he's on fire for Jesus!" Yes! My love for Jesus is evident to my father! I love it! Not that I didn't think it was evident to him, I was just surprised with his response. He seemed so excited. (You should have heard him on the phone!) He wanted to go up to the boy and say, "you're a nice guy. You should marry my daughter"!! I am so thankful that he didn't!

One thing I realized yesterday after mulling over this conversation in my head was that I felt like I had received a bit of a daughters blessing from my dad. It was like by saying that he's found a guy he considers good and in love with Jesus was like saying that he considers me worthy of someone good and in love with Jesus.

It's crazy how a little, and even funny, thing can make me feel blessed. My dad (or people in general) probably wouldn't take that conversation to mean so much. My little heart is happy, though, because it feels like I've tasted a bit of the blessing of my father as a woman. (so dramatic, but true)