truth be told

"Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you." Jeremiah 31:3 (NKJ)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Christmas Craze

6 gatherings later...
-I have an AWESOME siser and bro-in-law who let me spend Christmas evening with them!
-I have a funny nickname from Shane's brother...
-I have been blessed by the season of giving. (I got a breadmaker, a stocking, clothes... : )
-We talked about end times (in a slightly weird way) at my Reimer gathering last night!
-I saw some cousins that I haven't seen in 6 years or so...I even forgot one of my cousins names... they came out from Alberta and Ontario. It was great to see them!
-My grandma's health is much better this year then last year. Thank you Jesus!
-I have an even greater longing for Jesus. It's amazing that God came as a man. He is fully God and fully Man and He is coming back!! I can't wait till the day that I can see Him face to face. My human mind cannot comprehend it. I'm sure He will look different then all that I imagine. Who can grasp or comprehend the Uncreated? What effect will He have on my heart when I see Him and He looks at me? AHHH!
-I leave for Onething in KC in about...4 hours.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Very Merry Merry

Yesterday I got pulled over by the cops.
Getting pulled over by the cops usually means that you're driving a car, right? Well, I got "pulled over" while walking across the street. When I was crossing River and Osborne, the bus signal light came on and, because it meant that the walk signal would be on momentarily, I started to walk. This cop all of a sudden starts yelling at me from across the street and waving me over. Then he begins to describe my crime and that crossing the street at any point other than when the cross signal is on is illegal. There is a $92 fine for illegally crossing the street. He let me off easy with just a stern warning and not a fine.

I realize that I'm not very good at being reprimanded. My first reaction was a annoyance and a little bit of anger (I was hurrying home to meet my roommies for our Christmas dinner). But then I realized that this man is in authority and I, technically, am not. Then I had to fight tears on the way home. There's something about feeling like I let someone down...I think it's shame...that makes me cry. By the time I reached my house the whole situation was kinda funny, though. We had a good laugh. I'm very thankful for the warning and not the ticket. I will definitely think twice before I cross the street.

Then my roommates and I had our Christmas together. We all made a different dish (I was in charge of the chicken) and we ended up having a really good dinner! Then we opened our stockings, collectively read the Christmas story and then opened gifts! I got a necklace, a candle and holder and an awesome mirror that was hand-crafted by Kendra, who had my ticket. It was super fun being able to hang out together and simply enjoy our time together, good food and the holiday season. Thank you Jesus for my roommates!

Tonight I'm delivering Christmas hampers to three different families in Wpg. with my work. I'm really excited! The last few days I've had the privilege of being able to shop like crazy for these families! I'm excited to see the faces of the little kids when they get their baskets and boxes. It's so much fun to give!

I leave for Onething in less than a week.
I'm soo excited! Ecstatic, really.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Have a safe and joyous holiday!
(ps. It's actually Dec 21st...I have to fix my date)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Things I love, things I hate...

I love that today (well, technically yesterday...its 1:04 a.m.)is Christina, Zarah, Anna and baby Joshua's bdays!! (Joshua David Rodney Braun arrived today!!!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU!

I love free food! I hate when you eat too much free food and then feel really sick afterwards. (Shane, I think I'm feeling what you were feeling earlier today!)

I love gift exchanges. Especially when you get pink leg warmers, ear muffs, weird socks, jasmin incense and a hat that says, "I believe in Santa Clause". I hate when I debate taking the box of chocolates but end up with the ear muffs...especially because the box of chocolates had a free trip anywhere in North America for you and a special guest. Oh well. I love that I don't have to feel bad about winning two years in a row ; )

I love healing. I hate sickness & disease.

I love that I have a beautiful Christmas tree.

I love that I get to go to Onething! YES!

I love that Jesus loves my voice, even when I don't.

I love Jesus! I hate when I'm unsure about the "balance" of boldly proclaiming the love of Christ and not offending people that I respect and care about. CHRIST IS EVERYTHING! Every breath that you breathe is because He is giving it to you. I hate that I sometimes just don't know what to say.

I love the grace of God. Not as an excuse for sin, but as the imagery of the Bride leaning on her Beloved, coming up out of the desert in the book of Hosea. Grace is something that comes from and leads to intimacy with Christ. It doesn't take you farther away from Him. Sin seperates us from God. Grace draws us near, both in our actions, heart posture and desire for Him.

I love that I have a warm bed to sleep in. Speaking of, God bless and goodnight.